A steamy summer romance novel inspired this new Kane’s doughnut

The Saugus-based doughnut maker is part of the plotline for Melissa Foster’s “Bayside Heat.”

The doughnut and the book. —Kane's Handcrafted Donuts

New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster’s new novel, “Bayside Heat,” released Wednesday, tells the steamy love story of two friends whose unspoken passion ignites over Kane’s Donuts. In the romance novel, the fictional owner of Kane’s is so touched by the loved-up doughnut lovers that she creates a new flavor, Perpetual Bliss, in their honor.

Beginning Wednesday, life began imitating fiction, and Kane’s started offering the Perpetual Bliss doughnut for $3.25 at its Boston store and $2.25 at its Saugus shop through the end of the month.

“The author contacted me about featuring Kane’s in the book,” said Kane’s real-life co-owner Paul Delios. “She explained what the book was about and where [the story] goes, and I was very interested — especially when she asked me to create the doughnut featured in the book.”


Perpetual Bliss, which Delios designed at Foster’s request for the pages of “Bayside Heat,” is a traditional yeast doughnut filled with soft Belgian chocolate pudding, frosted with Somerville’s earthy Taza chocolate, and topped with creamy Callebaut white and dark chocolate crispy pearls.

“The Belgian chocolate pudding is the richness, the luscious part of falling in love when you dive into each other’s arms,” Delios said. “The Taza, which is a little gritty, is when love gets a few problems. The white and dark chocolate topping is the delicate shininess in a relationship. But it has a little crispiness — that’s the crunch that comes with any relationship. The shininess is what you want to remember, fondly, but there’s always that grittiness and crunch.”

The other Kane’s doughnut that Foster wrote into the book, a flavor that brings the would-be lovers together, is one that already existed: Chocolate Orgasms.

“That’s a chocolate cake-styled doughnut with a Belgian cream, and we soak it in chocolate liqueur,” Delios said. “We usually only have that one for Valentine’s Day.”

The Delios family has operated the original Kane’s store in Saugus since 1955, opened its Boston location in 2015, and is preparing to welcome a third addition to its roster, on Route 1 in Saugus. Still in the construction phase, the third location is due to open around Halloween.


Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts; 120 Lincoln Ave., Saugus and Two International Place, 90 Oliver St., Boston; kanesdonuts.com


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