Kowloon is launching a food truck

The truck will be available for corporate and private events, but owner Bob Wong is already thinking about expansion plans.

The Kowloon food truck expected to open later this month.
The Kowloon food truck expected to open later this month. –Kowloon

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Kowloon, the iconic Chinese restaurant on Route 1 in Saugus, just announced plans to open a food truck that can be booked for corporate events, weddings, holiday parties, and other special occasions.

“We’re trying to find different ways of doing business in fun ways that keep our customers’ attention,” said owner Bob Wong.

Wong expects the food truck will be up and running by late September. Customers can expect fan favorites such as crab rangoon, Saugus wings, lo mein, and fried ice cream. The menu, which will evolve and expand in time, will also include new items like cold sesame noodle salad, Asian cucumber salad, and Chinese roast pork buns.


“Another item would be possibly some types of Asian sandwich wraps and maybe some Asian street tacos or something like that,” he said.

He said the truck will serve beverages like fruit punch, iced tea, and fountain drinks. The truck will not serve alcoholic drinks.

“We’d like to do that further down the road if the demand calls for it,” he said.

Wong said he’s considering having more than one truck, based on the interest and response so far.

“Eventually, we want to be in public spaces,” said Wong. “Kind of like where you see the food trucks in Boston all the time. We’re looking at that for next year.”


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