10 brand new flavors to try on National Ice Cream Day (or any day, really)

Local scoop shops are offering fun, creative new flavors to help you cool off.

Toscanini's ice cream flavors
A bundle of flavors from Toscanini's. –Photo by Pat Greenhouse / The Boston Globe

Butter pecan and mint chocolate chip are tried-and-true ice cream options, but why not go a little wild? Ice cream shops all over the Boston area are switching it up this summer, offering flavors ranging from s’mores to blueberry miso.

Here are the brand new flavors that a handful of local scoop shops will be slinging into cups and cones, just in time for National Ice Cream Day.

Chill on Park, Dorchester

  • Butter Crunch
  • Rainbow Sherbert

Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream, Cambridge

  • Fresh Mint
  • Lemon Cherry Kirsch

FoMu, multiple locations

  • Chocolate S’more (Chocolate ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate, graham cracker, and torched marshmallow)
  • Cherry Cobbler a la mode (Red cherry and sweet cream ice cream swirled together with chunks of homemade cobbler topping)

Gracie’s, Somerville

  • Miami Vice (Swirled strawberry and piña colada ice cream)

Toscanini’s, Cambridge

  • Mint Green Tea with Fresh Mint
  • Ginger Rum Raisin
  • Rosewater and Orange Blossom Water


Erin Kuschner contributed reporting