People are freaking out over Polar Seltzer’s new Seltzer’ade

Polar Seltzer announced its new Seltzer’ade this week, and thirsty fans are already starting to hunt down cans of the fizzy flavored beverage.

Seltzer’ade “bubbles with the charm of your favorite lemonade, but none of the guilt,” according to the company’s website. Flavors include raspberry pink lemonade, mango limeade, watermelon lemonade, blueberry lemonade, and tart cherry limeade.

“We have started shipping to stores … look for them shortly!” the Worcester-based company wrote on Instagram to fans looking to find some.

These five flavors aren’t seasonal or limited edition—like Seltzebrate and Unicorn Kisses—they’re here to stay. Or, as the company told inquiring customers: they’re “forever ever and ever flavors.”