5 Boston-area bars with giant TVs for Patriots playoff games

Looking for bars to watch the Patriots in Boston? This list has you covered.

Tony C's Bar and Grill in Burlington.
Tony C's Bar and Grill in Burlington. –Courtesy Tony C's

If you’re looking for a bar or restaurant to watch the Patriots, there are a lot of considerations: Which bar has the best food? How crowded is too crowded? Will there be just enough drunk, rowdy Pats fans to create a festive atmosphere, but not so many that a fight breaks out during the fourth quarter?

A lot of these metrics are subjective by nature, so for this article, we decided to focus on perhaps the least subjective measurement of a bar’s sports-watching quality: TV screens. Specifically, bars that have astronomically huge TV screens or an astronomically high number of TV screens.


Whether you prefer a bar that has a screen so gargantuan that you can count Tom Brady’s pores or a bar that has so many screens you have a great view of the game no matter where you are—even the bathroom—one of these Boston-area bars should satisfy your game-day needs.

Champions Boston

The 36-piece, 23-foot video array at Champions Boston. —Courtesy Champions Boston

Champions has more than 40 flat-screen TVs, along with one gigantic 36-piece, 23-foot television array that is often devoted to the Patriots. A manager said that game days are always packed, so getting there early is advised.

110 Huntington Ave,, Boston; 617-927-5304

Tony C’s

Tony C’s in Somerville. —Courtesy Tony C's

The restaurant chain formerly known as Jerry Remy’s is now the namesake of Tony Conigliaro, another Red Sox great. While the name has changed, the sheer number and size of the TVs at all four of its locations remains impressive. The Seaport location boasts more than 40 TVs and a 32-foot HD video wall, and the Burlington location has four 16-foot screens, 46 TVs, and higher ceilings than its waterfront brethren. Pro tip: A manager for the Burlington location said they were almost completely full a couple hours before the AFC Championship in 2017, so get there early.

Seaport: 250 Northern Ave., Boston, 617-856-7369; Fenway: 1265 Boylston St., Boston, 617-236-7369; Somerville: Assembly Row, 699 Assembly Row, Somerville, 617-666-8282; Burlington: 17 3rd Ave., Burlington, 617-238-8282.

Cask ‘n Flagon

The Cask ‘n Flagon in Marshfield. —Courtesy Cask 'n Flagon

The Cask ‘n Flagon may be known as a Sox bar, but the Fenway watering hole will still be rocking for the playoffs. During Red Sox games, the roar of the crowd tells you everything you need to know about the game, but there are still more than 40 TVs so you can see all the action. And if you’re looking to avoid some of the insane downtown crowds, a manager for their Marshfield location mentioned that their restaurant has 122 TVs, and doesn’t fill up quite as fast due to the high number of playoff house parties in the ‘burbs.

Fenway: 62 Brookline Ave., Boston, 617-536-4840; Marshfield:804 Plain St., Marshfield, 781-834-2275.

Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill

Scoreboard Sports Bar and Grill in Woburn. —Courtesy Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill

Just a short drive from the I-93/I-95 interchange in Woburn, Scoreboard always throws a party for big playoff games. During the Super Bowl in 2017, they put additional giant projection TVs in the ballroom of the Crowne Plaza, where the bar is located, and sold tickets for a pre-game tailgate starting at 2 p.m. with live music and a buffet. No matter what week you’re headed to Scoreboard to watch the Patriots, you’re bound to find a good view of at least one of their 50 TVs or 10-foot mega TVs.

Crowne Plaza Boston-Woburn, 15 Middlesex Canal Park Dr., Woburn; 781-897-4000.

CBS Scene at Patriots Place

CBS Scene Restaurant & Bar at Patriot Place. —Courtesy Yelp

It’s a bit of a journey down to Gillette Stadium, but with more than 143 high definition TVs and three stories of diehard Patriots fans, CBS Scene will be a surefire scene during playoff games. Who can pass up the chance to celebrate a Patriots Super Bowl win overlooking the team’s home turf?


Patriot Place, 200 Patriot Pl., Foxborough; 508-203-2200


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