A North End restaurant makes a 6-foot, 15-pound lobster roll that costs $1,000

Pauli's is getting in on the monster lobster roll trend.

The 6-foot-long "Lobzilla" sandwich at Pauli's in the North End. –Pauli's

Looks like there’s more than one monster lobster roll in town.

Earlier this month, Lobstah on a Roll opened in Boston’s South End and won over hungry Bostonians with its gigantic lobster rolls measuring up to 5 feet long.

Now, Pauli’s is getting in on the craze, too. The North End restaurant recently unveiled the “Lobzilla,” a 6-foot lobster roll made with 15 pounds of meat that costs $1,000, according to owner Paul Barker.

The timing is no coincidence. When Barker heard about “The Monstah,” he said he wanted folks to know his spot makes a mega lobster roll, too. Barker said Pauli’s has been making the 6-foot rolls for parties, but it was unnamed until recently.


“I would say ‘Lobzilla’ was born last week, but it’s been in the making for a while,” he said.

The “Lobzilla” is made with knuckle and claw meat — tail meat is “too tough,” Barker said — light mayo, a little bit of lemon juice, and lettuce for garnish. The New England-style roll is grilled on both sides.

Pauli’s launched a contest soon after naming the roll: If a single person can eat a “Lobzilla” in 60 minutes, it’s on the house. No one has successfully completed the challenge so far.

“You need to have a certain skill,” he said. “You have to be blessed with that ability.”

Barker said he’s sold two “Lobzillas” in the past week, and he enjoys watching customers react while they’re assembled in the restaurant’s open kitchen.

“Their eyes are like, ‘Oh my God!'” he said, laughing.

The “Lobzilla” sandwich is carried through Pauli’s on a wooden board. —Pauli's