This local shop is betting its doughnuts on the Patriots — again

"It feels good, the taste of victory."

Maria Delios at Kane's holds up Go Pats doughnuts.
Maria Delios of Kane's holds up a tray of "Go Pats" doughnuts. –Kane's Handcrafted Doughnuts

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Kane’s Handcrafted Doughnuts is on a roll.

Last week, the local doughnut shop placed a friendly wager with Five Daughters Bakery in Nashville ahead of the playoff game between the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans. Because the Titans lost, Five Daughters will soon send a dozen of its most popular doughnuts to Kane’s in Boston and at least one baker must pose for a picture while baking doughnuts in the winning team’s jersey.

“It feels good, the taste of victory,” Kane’s co-owner Maria Delios told Five Daughters in a video posted on social media on Tuesday. Then she bit into a Boston cream doughnut.


Now, as the Patriots prepare to play the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game, Kane’s has placed a bet with Good Dough, a doughnut shop in Jacksonville. The wager is the same: a dozen doughnuts and a photo of at least one baker wearing the winning team’s jersey.

“If, by some weird chance the Patriots lose, I’m going to send you a dozen of Kane’s doughnuts,” said Delios in another video posted to social media on Tuesday, this time directed to Good Dough. “But we know that they’re going to win, so I can’t wait to taste your doughnuts. I heard they’re pretty good.”

Fans of Kane’s can also get in on the doughnut fun. Delios said those who share the Kane’s contest post and tag two friends will be entered for a chance to win doughnuts for Sunday’s game.