You can now grab takeout breakfast at this biscuit-famous Fenway restaurant

There's no reason *not* to eat a Sweet Cheeks biscuit before noon.

Breakfast at Sweet Cheeks Q. –Emma Caffrey

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You may be booked for dinner on Wednesday, but how will you start off this Valentine’s Day?

Sweet Cheeks Q has you covered. The Fenway barbecue joint’s takeout breakfast service launches Wednesday morning.

“It’s our gift to Boston,” said Tiffani Faison, the “Top Chef” alum who owns and operates the restaurant. “We thought we were cute.”

The menu is centered around Sweet Cheeks biscuits, which have been hailed by Forbes and Food & Wine as some of the best around. Faison said she and her team have been eating eggs and bacon on the biscuits since Sweet Cheeks opened. 


“There’s been times where we’ve been there early, shoving things on biscuits going, ‘We should really do this.’ And then not doing it. And then other people saying, ‘Why don’t you guys do breakfast sandwiches?’” she said. “I don’t know what took us this long.”

Guests can order white cheddar cheese and farm-fresh, free-range eggs on a biscuit for $6, and add either in-house sausage or cured pork belly bacon to the mix for $8. If a sandwich isn’t someone’s jam, there’s the option of a biscuit with honey butter for $3.50. Customers can round out their meals with Chef Dan Raia’s hash browns for $4.

“We’ve been engineering and working on creating the perfect hash brown,” Faison said. “We took the idea of what we want one fast food chain’s hash brown to be, and tried to make that. It has tons of flavor and lots of crunch.”

Faison said she chose not to have many coffee options, as “there are a lot of good spots around.” But for those who want to get everything in one stop, Sweet Cheeks will sell pre-bottled Fazenda cold brew.

 The restaurant’s location, surrounded by offices and students, influenced Faison’s decision to make the morning service exclusively grab and go. 


“People don’t really eat breakfast in a sit-down setting as much,” she said. “We’re not a hotel doing 10 breakfast options. It’s just ‘What would you like on a biscuit?'”

The service is available on weekday mornings from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Beginning next week, the breakfast menu will also be available on the food delivery site Caviar.

Sweet Cheeks Q, 1381 Boylston St., Boston;