Satirical publication The Onion mocks Dunkin’ Donuts’ new specialty drinks

Hopefully America doesn't run on this fictional flavor of Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

Dunkin Donuts Girl Scout Cookie Coffee
Thin Mint-flavored frozen chocolate. –Courtesy Dunkin' Donuts

In case you missed it, Dunkin’ Donuts announced in February that it was releasing three new coffee flavors inspired by different types of Girl Scout Cookies.

If you only get your news from satirical publication The Onion, however, you might think the Canton company was releasing a very different kind of drink.

For reference, here’s the headline Boston magazine used for its story announcing the new flavors:

“Dunkin’ Donuts Introduces New Girl Scout Cookie-Flavored Coffee.”

And here’s the headline The Onion used:

Notice the subtle, disturbing change?

With the omission of a single word (“Cookie”), The Onion turned Dunkin’s new Thin Mints-, Coconut Caramel-, and Peanut Butter Cookies-flavored coffees into something much more sinister.


This isn’t the first time The Onion has poked fun at Dunkin’ Donuts and its fans. Prior headlines include, “Man Who Eats Breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts Every Morning and Enjoys the ‘Saw’ Films Allowed to Vote,” and, “Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robbins/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/Long John Silver’s Opens.”


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