A downtown spot once named one of America’s best new restaurants is closing for good

Townsman will serve customers for the last time on Tuesday.

Pekin duck breast at Townsman. Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

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A downtown restaurant that serves globally influenced New England farmhouse dining and was named one of America’s 2016 best new restaurants by Food & Wine magazine will close its doors for good this week.

Townsman, headed by James Beard Award-nominated Chef Matt Jennings, has announced on its website and social media channels that it will serve customers for the last time on Tuesday.

Townsman Chef Matt Jennings

Townsman Chef Matt Jennings at Ward’s Berry Farm to purchase items for his restaurant.

“Over the past three and a half years, we have been honored to serve the city of Boston’s residents and visitors,” Jennings wrote in his goodbye message on Townsman’s website. “It’s been a pleasure to blend our thoughtful sourcing, proper technique and a warm hospitality into a memorable experience for every guest.”


Jennings did not go into detail about his future plans, but said he will make sure his staff “is fully supported into their next opportunity.”

“As I explore new prospects,” Jennings wrote, “I too look forward to crafting a life that is more thoughtful, healthy and sustainable for myself and my family; you never know what I’ll be cooking up next.”