A plant-based beer hall is opening in Quincy

Rewild will serve vegan comfort food and craft beer.

Edwin Carrillo, Will Hernandez, Meg Williams, Marissa Hughes, and Pat McAuley at Rewild.
Edwin Carrillo, Will Hernandez, Meg Williams, Marissa Hughes, and Pat McAuley at Rewild. –Courtesy Rewild

Think of the traditional brewpub, and a few menu staples come to mind: nachos dripping with cheese, sticky Buffalo wings, and greasy pepperoni pizza.

As a beer nerd who adopted a plant-based diet more than three years ago, Pat McAuley was all for that, just without the meat and dairy. However, there wasn’t much in the way of vegan brewpubs in the Boston area — so he decided to open one himself.

Rewild, a plant-based beer hall and café, will officially open in Quincy on Saturday, October 6, with kombucha, mocktails, coffee, and vegan versions of classic comfort food, plus wine and craft beer served on the weekends.


“I realized that as a regular Boston dude, there was no [vegan] place to eat in a way that didn’t feel like you were walking into a juice bar,” said McAuley, a South Shore native. “The goal [with Rewild] was to make it approachable to everyone, and to make it a place where you can eat without any real stigmas.”

The 1546 Hancock St. location will be a temporary one; after moving in, McAuley learned that the Quincy Center development was planning to expedite the building of a road through that space. Instead of going through the full licensing process, he was able to obtain a temporary license from the city that allows for weekend alcohol sales. But McAuley says that they will likely be able to move Rewild across the street within a year — and serve beer and wine every day — and are treating the current location as a long-term pop-up.

Tacos at Rewild. —Courtesy Rewild

Joining McAuley on the project are general manager Marissa Hughes and chef Will Hernandez, who most recently worked at vegan café By Chloe. Hernandez has designed a menu that includes pepperoni pizza (using marinated beets for the pepperoni); braised cauliflower Buffalo wings; fish and chips made with a “secret vegetable” instead of fish; a soy barbecue sandwich; and the popular Impossible Burger, a plant-based burger that aims to mimic the mouthfeel and juiciness of a beef burger. A selection of vegetable bowls and tacos will also be available, and breakfast items — bagels, oatmeal, doughnuts, parfaits — will be offered in the morning.


McAuley, who is one of the founders of Barrel House Z brewery in Weymouth, has curated a 20-plus tap list that focuses on South Shore breweries, including Barrel House Z, Widowmaker Brewing, and Vitamin Sea Brewing, along with Night Shift Brewing in Everett. Coffee will come from New Harvest Coffee Roasters in Rhode Island.

The space is decorated with graffiti from artist Brand Rockwell of Quincy, and McAuley plans to feature more creative locals performing live art and music once the brewpub opens.

“Quincy is a really cool city, with a revival of downtown,” he said. “It’s becoming a more hip place for young professionals.”

McAuley also hopes that Rewild will spark more inventive vegan options to launch throughout the city.

“New Englanders adopt trends later and are a little more harder on the edges than progressive cities,” he said. “We like the way we do things. We’re never the first to hop on trends. It starts out west, trickles to New York, then [we] finally accept it.”

Rewild, 1546 Hancock St., Quincy; Mondays–Fridays from 8 a.m.–8 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays from 4 p.m.–midnight; eatrewild.com


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