Sushi bar No Relation will debut inside a South End tiki bar

There will be only two seatings each night, and the first one starts on Friday.

No Relation serves sushi at a nine-seat bar within Shore Leave.
No Relation serves sushi at a nine-seat bar within Shore Leave. –Reagan Byrne

Like a Russian Matryoshka doll, South End tiki bar and restaurant Shore Leave is revealing another restaurant within its subterranean walls: No Relation, an intimate sushi bar from chef Colin Lynch that opens on Friday.

Located at the end of a hallway at the back of Shore Leave, No Relation will serve just nine diners during two seatings each night, one at 6 p.m. and one at 8:30 p.m. Guests will need to purchase tickets on Tock prior to their visit.

For Lynch, who opened Shore Leave in November with the team behind Bar Mezzana, getting back to his love of sushi was the plan all along.


“We already had the space built out,” he said. “It was just a matter of getting Shore Leave up and running.”

Lynch said that his two favorite foods are pasta and sushi, both of which he has been able to master during his culinary career at places like No. 9 Park, Menton, Sportello, Drink, B&G Oysters, The Butcher Shop, O Ya, and Bar Mezzana, where he runs the crudo program.

Diners at No Relation will encounter a roughly 14-course omakase menu, which will travel between traditional Japanese sashimi and nigiri and contemporary mash-ups, like New England miso clam soup. The price of dinner will range from $95 to $120 per person, depending on the ingredients Lynch is able to procure.

“The number of courses might change if we get really high-end ingredients,” he explained. “And there are times of the year when it’s hard to get some ingredients, or we have to tap into more local sources.”

Fish will arrive from Hawaii and New Zealand, along with two shipments from Japan each week — but ingredients will mostly come from “whoever has the best possible produce,” Lynch said.

General manager Kevyn Ashton has curated a $60 drink pairing menu, which might include sake, wine, or beer, depending on what works best with the evening’s lineup. Two cocktails — a gin martini variation and a Japanese whiskey highball variation — will also be offered during the opening weeks.


No Relation is a small, 230-square-foot space, but Lynch thinks it’s perfect for what he and his team are trying to do.

“It’s really about coming in and enjoying what we have to offer that day,” he said, noting that with nine guests and only two chefs, each person will get quality personal interaction. “It’s about the experience of someone making a single piece of sushi and handing it to you right away. Sushi has an energy that dissipates very quickly. It’s about the immediacy in a space that’s this intimate.”

No Relation; 11 William E. Mullins Way at Harrison Avenue, Tuesdays–Saturdays with seatings at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.;