Friendly’s is celebrating nor’easters — and terrible road conditions — with a limited-edition sundae

The Nor’Easter Pothole Sundae is an ode to awful winter driving.

The Nor’Easter Pothole Sundae at Friendly's.
The Nor’Easter Pothole Sundae at Friendly's. –Friendly's

Snowflakes have been few and far between this winter, but Friendly’s is paying tribute — or perhaps making a sacrifice — to the almighty nor’easter with a new, limited-edition sundae that launched at participating locations on Monday. It’s called the Nor’Easter Pothole Sundae, and it’s a doozy.

The chocolate ice cream behemoth lists ingredients that sound more like winter driving grievances, including flat tire fudge, crème cookie gravel, and chocolate asphalt chips. It’s topped with a marshmallow snow pile and milk chocolate rubble, which makes driving in a snowstorm sound almost tolerable. Almost.

The new sundae also comes in a kid’s size. —Friendly's

Offered in both regular sizes (small, medium, large) and a kid’s size, the sundae is available through April while supplies last. But you may need to plan a mini road trip to find your nearest Friendly’s — the nostalgic ice cream parlor and restaurant closed a number of locations in 2018, including six restaurants around the Northeast (with two in Massachusetts) in December. In addition to the Friendly’s at Terminal A in Logan Airport, the closest locations to the Boston area include Friendly’s in Saugus, Stoneham, and Waltham.


A list of current Friendly’s locations can be found here, but call before you make the trip to confirm that the store has the new sundae. You wouldn’t want to weather rubble and snow piles without making sure that milk chocolate and marshmallow are involved.