Bostonians remind Dunkin’ that iced coffee is a year-round commitment

"If you knew Boston you'd know we drink iced all winter!"

A Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee. Dunkin’ Donuts

America may run on Dunkin’, but does Dunkin’ know how Boston runs?

The coffee and doughnut chain’s Greater Boston and Southern New Hampshire Twitter account posted a seemingly innocent tweet on Wednesday morning, asking its fan base whether they were ready for iced coffee now that spring had arrived.

“Spring is officially here, Boston!” @DunkinBoston tweeted. “Are you switching back to Iced Coffee?”

The responses were swift and fierce.

This is BOS. We never stopped.”

Only the real ones stay true all four seasons

You clearly don’t know your Boston market…we never switch to hot

Anyone who switches from iced to hot when it gets cold out is not a New Englander.”


Twitter users asked Dunkin’ if it was confusing Massachusetts with another state, if the account was a fraud, and whether this was a trick question. The consensus was clear: Bostonians never stop drinking iced coffee, and the temperature outside isn’t going to change that.