Polar Seltzer is getting in on March Madness with a bracket of its own

The winner will secure a place in Polar's year-round lineup.

Polar Seltzer's Unsweet'nd 16 bracket
Polar Seltzer is asking its fans to select a year-round seltzer from a line-up of seasonal flavors. –Polar Seltzer

March Madness kicked off on Thursday with the start of the 2019 NCAA men’s basketball tournament (the women’s tournament starts today), but if your bracket is already suffering, consider turning to Polar Seltzer’s own March Madness bracket. It’s called, fittingly, The Unsweet’nd 16, and the champion will win a coveted place on the Worcester-based company’s year-round seltzer lineup.

Divided into a summer seasonal conference and a winter seasonal conference, the tournament will pit eight seltzer flavors in each conference against each other, before a winner from each season will face off to become a 365-day offering. Voting takes place exclusively on Polar Seltzer’s Instagram stories, with the summer conference kicking off at noon on Friday and the winter conference starting at noon on Saturday, March 23. Voting in each conference will take place for 24 hours.


The summer showdown will feature flavors like mint mojito going head-to-head with raspberry mojito, and cucumber melon facing off with pomegranate sangria. Winter flavor matches include butter rum against mint chocolate and blackberry bergamot against ginger lime mule. The final competition will take place the weekend of April 5, with an exact date and time to be announced after the conference winners are determined.

Voters can keep track of which seltzer is advancing through the tournament by following the hashtag #UnSweet16 on Instagram.


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