These very adult restaurants are embracing playful snacks on their menus

From pizza bagels to Nutter Butters, throwback snacks are having a moment.

Cotechino Pigs 'N Blankets at Longfellow Bar
Cotechino pigs 'n blankets at Longfellow Bar. –Michael Scelfo

Are we all just eating snacks now? The small plates trend has paved the way for snack-focused restaurants, with Tiffani Faison’s adults-only snack bar Fool’s Errand and Michael Scelfo’s snack-focused Longfellow Bar both opening in Boston within the past year.

But it’s not just nachos and pretzels that are getting an upgrade. Throwback snacks from our childhoods are making their way onto grown-up menus, appealing to the kid in all of us that just wants something easy and delicious. The next time you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, consider ordering one of these fun options.

Pizza bagel trio at Democracy Brewing
The pizza bagel trio at Democracy Brewing. —Democracy Brewing

Pizza bagels at Democracy Brewing
Near Downtown Crossing, Democracy Brewing serves stick-it-to-the-man brews (Consummate Rioter, Worker’s Pint) and pub food like burgers, chicken schnitzel, and fish and chips. Also on the menu: a sizable section dedicated to the humble pizza bagel, a dish that may have been your first foray into “cooking” as a kid (most notably because the snack could be made in the microwave). Three pizza bagel options — sausage, broccoli, ricotta; everything bagel; and margherita — are offered, but if you can’t decide on just one, opt for the pizza bagel trio. The medley arrives with one half of each pizza bagel, helping you avoid serious pizza bagel FOMO. (35 Temple Place, Boston)

Cookie dough at Dough Life
Kids don’t spend their time worrying about recalls, food poisoning, or salmonella, which is why diving unapologetically into a bowl of raw cookie dough doesn’t cause hesitation for them the way it might for some adults. Dough Life, an edible cookie dough shop that recently opened at CambridgeSide, sells an assortment of cookie dough flavors like Mint Dynasty, Brownie Batter, and Peanut Mother Butter. The dough is made with heat-treated wheat flour, so salmonella isn’t an issue — leaving you to enjoy licking your spoon like you did when you were a kid. (100 CambridgeSide Place, Cambridge)

Pop-Tarts from Flour Bakery + Cafe
Pop-Tarts from Flour Bakery + Cafe. —Keller + Keller

Pop-Tarts at Flour Bakery + Cafe
Chef Joanne Chang makes magic at Flour, the bakery and cafe she founded in 2000 that now has eight locations across Boston. There are plenty of sophisticated desserts here, such as the mile high lemon meringue pie and lemon raspberry cake, but you’ll also find a nostalgic throwback in the form of homemade Pop-Tarts. A layer of jam — the current flavor is raspberry; in April it will switch to blueberry — is sandwiched between flaky pie crusts and topped off with a thin layer of frosting. (Multiple locations)

Butter & Gruyere Fancy Finger Sammies at Fool's Errand
Butter and Gruyere fancy finger sammies at Fool’s Errand. —Emily Kan

Fancy finger sammies at Fool’s Errand
Faison is quickly making the Fenway her playground, with barbecue spot Sweet Cheeks and Southeast Asian-inspired Tiger Mama bolstered by her latest concept: Fool’s Errand, a standing-room-only adult snack bar. (A fourth restaurant, Orfano, will open this summer.) The bar offers elevated snacks like crab tostadas and charred okra, but also crustless finger sandwiches like Benton’s ham and jam, butter and Gruyere, and smoked beef tongue with raclette. It’s a serious upgrade from PB&J on white bread, as are the Lay’s potato chips that come with caviar instead of ranch dressing. (1377 Boylston St., Boston)

Cotechino pigs ‘n blankets at Longfellow Bar
Leading up to the opening of Longfellow Bar in January, Scelfo said he wanted to create a place where people could eat with their hands. The menu reflects as much, with snacks that are meant for picking up and sharing: nachos, waffle fries, pretzels, wings. But it’s the cotechino pigs ‘n blankets that will have you remembering middle school birthday parties in the best possible way. Cotechino, an Italian pork sausage, is wrapped in dough, fried, and accentuated with black truffle, honey, and dijonnaise mustard — proof that you don’t need Pillsbury crescent rolls to create this playful snack. (40 Brattle St. #3, Cambridge)

Cereal Milk Mix at Milk Bar
Cereal Milk Mix at Milk Bar. —Milk Bar

Cereal Milk Mix at Milk Bar
Tipping the bowl to get the last of the sugary cereal milk seems to be an act deemed only appropriate for kids. But Milk Bar, the New York-based dessert shop that opened in Harvard Square in February, was determined to recreate that nostalgic taste for grown-ups. Enter Cereal Milk Mix, a blend of cornflakes, light brown sugar, corn powder, and salt that, when added to milk, mimics the sweet breakfast leftovers of our youth. (1-3 Brattle St., Cambridge)

Giant Nutter Butter at Sweet Cheeks Q
The Giant Nutter Butter at Sweet Cheeks. —JM Leach

Giant Nutter Butter at Sweet Cheeks
When was the last time you ordered a package of Nutter Butters? The peanut butter cookies might have been a regular staple at home growing up, but to best enjoy them as an adult, head to Faison’s barbecue restaurant Sweet Cheeks. The Giant Nutter Butter has been on the menu since Sweet Cheeks opened in 2011, and features peanut butter cream sandwiched between two massive peanut butter cookies. (1381 Boylston St., Boston)

Pepperoni roll at Trina's Starlite Lounge
A pepperoni roll at Trina’s Starlite Lounge. —Trina's Starlite Lounge

Pepperoni rolls at Trina’s Starlite Lounge
Anyone from West Virginia (and nearby regions of the Appalachian Mountains) likely grew up on pepperoni rolls, which were not only prime after-school snacks but also convenience store staples. Trina’s co-owner Beau Sturm is from West Virginia, and the pepperoni rolls have been on the Somerville bar’s menu since day one. Pizza dough is made in-house, then stuffed with cheese, plenty of pepperoni, and homemade marinara sauce. A saucer of spicy marinara is served on the side — perfect for dunking. (3 Beacon St., Somerville)