A Maine restaurant received an unexpected $2,000 tip over the weekend

One couple left a major impact on the staff at Silver Street Tavern.

Waterville, Maine
Waterville, Maine. –AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

It was a memorable weekend for employees at Silver Street Tavern, a restaurant and bar located in downtown Waterville, Maine.

According to the Portland Press Herald, a couple who dined at the restaurant on Saturday night left a $2,000 tip on top of their $48.76 bill, with instructions to split the generous gratuity among the staff.

Samantha Clark waited on the couple during their meal, and told the Press Herald that she didn’t know why the “older gentleman and his wife,” who wished to remain anonymous, would leave such a lavish amount.

“The only thing I could think of was we had two regulars sitting (at the next table over), and I was talking about how I had closed the bar for the first time last night,” she told the publication. “I have no idea if he overheard that or something. It was a busier night, and we were all working really well together. I don’t know if he noticed that.”


The restaurant shared the news in a Facebook post, writing “WOW! So awesome, we had to share! Thank you to the kind gentleman who came in for dinner tonight and had such a great experience that he left a $2000 tip, to be divided among all the employees who were working the shift.”

Employees and Silver Street fans alike responded to the post with comments expressing their appreciation and congratulations.

Clark told the Press Herald that the money will be split evenly among 14 members of the waitstaff, bar staff, and the kitchen, with each person receiving $140.

The owner of the Silver Street Tavern, Charlie Giguere, told the publication that it was a feel-good story.

“The staff is so appreciative, and I’m proud of them for engendering such a generous tip,” he said. “Everyone is happy, and I hope (the customers) are too.”