Polar Seltzer’s limited edition summer lineup is about to drop

Raspberry rosé is back, baby.

The 2019 Polar Seltzer summer lineup
The 2019 Polar Seltzer summer lineup will be released on May 1. –Polar Seltzer

In New England, Polar Seltzer controls the seasons.

The Worcester-based seltzer company dropped its limited-edition summer lineup on Thursday with three returning flavors and two new ones, a sure sign that summer is so close we can almost taste it.

Repeat seltzers include fan favorite raspberry rosé, along with blueberry tangerine, which is inspired by blueberry picking trips to Maine. The tart and tropical mango cherry bliss will also make its return, this time with its very own can version.

As for the newcomers, nectarine lemon will debut alongside strawberry honeydew — a flavor that, according to a press release, is a “beautiful combination of summery berry and elegant melon [that] will transport you to your most chill self.”


In March, Polar conducted its own version of a March Madness bracket to determine which limited edition flavor would become part of the company’s year-round lineup. The winner: ginger lime mule, a previous limited edition winter favorite. Perhaps a summer flavor will make it into the regular rotation soon enough.

The limited summer collection will start shipping to participating stores on May 1; use Polar’s tracker to find them at a store closest to you.