Kowloon is adding an outdoor, tiki-themed bar this summer

Consider it a vacation on Route 1.

Kowloon in Saugus
Kowloon is launching a tiki-themed, outdoor dining area this summer. –John Blanding, Boston Globe

A popular Asian restaurant along Route 1 is about to channel some tropical paradise vibes.

In mid-May, Kowloon will introduce a temporary tiki-themed bar and dining area behind the restaurant, said Kowloon co-owner Bob Wong.

The outdoor summer pop-up will have a 10-seat tiki bar, a bamboo structure with a thatched hut that California-based company Bamboo Creations is making. Additional tiki huts and tables with umbrellas will be spread around the area with enough seating for a little more than 100 guests.

As for the food, a limited menu from the restaurant will be available, and Wong said that the restaurant plans to have Kowloon’s food truck parked adjacent to the tiki area.


“Everything is going to be really casual,” he said.

Tiki drinks will also be on the menu, including both cocktails from Kowloon’s regular bar and special libations (“We might use dry ice!” Wong said.) created for the summer space.

Last year, the restaurant launched an outdoor dining concept that featured a large tent.

“The only problem with the tent is that a lot of people thought it was a function facility,” Wong said. “One of the comments was that, when people walked into the tent last year, they said it didn’t feel like Kowloon. That gave us the idea that this year we’d go with the tiki decor idea.”

Along with illuminated, faux palm trees and other tiki fixtures, Wong said that there will be live Polynesian music and steel drum bands, and perhaps the return of last year’s cornhole set.

“The main thing is to have people come enjoy being outside in the summertime,” he said. “We’re hoping to be a lot of fun for the community.”

While last year’s outdoor festivities ended at 11 p.m. each night, the city of Saugus has approved a close time of 1 a.m. this year, with entertainment ending around 12:30 a.m. The tiki-themed addition will operate daily, with an official opening date and set hours to be announced soon.