111 East is bringing hot pot to the Seaport this week

Dine on hot pot, noodle bowls, and dumplings starting Friday.

111 East
111 East in the Seaport. Ovi Mustea

An Asian bistro that specializes in hot pot will land in the Seaport on Friday.

111 East, located at 11 Fan Pier Blvd., will be the neighborhood’s first foray into hot pot, a bubbling pot of broth filled with a customized selection of meat and vegetables. The restaurant, which is run by the same team behind Pan-Asian spot Lola 42 around the corner (as well as Lola 41 and Lola Burger on Nantucket), will also allow guests to select lobster and crab from a live fish tank to be used in their meal.

“We noticed it’s kind of difficult to get into [hot pot] because the places in Boston are geared towards people who have experience with it already,” said Rafael “Rico” Llado, head chef at 111 East. “We wanted to gear the experience more toward the general public.”


To do so, Llado simplified the list of meats and vegetables available for hot pot. Diners will be able to choose from a selection of four broths — miso, Chinese herbal, Szechuan, and sofrito — and can then build on the dish with noodles, rice, seafood, meat (including a selection of Japanese wagyu beef), and vegetables.

111 East

A spread at 111 East.

But there will be more on the menu than the signature bowl. Many of the dishes are inspired by Southeast Asia, and will include a prawn lo mein, Shanghai pork chop, crab salad, and a scallion pancake roll up, as well as a lengthy dumplings section and the option to build your own noodle bowl. For those just looking for a quick snack and a drink, bites like wasabi popcorn and edamame will pair well with the restaurant’s beer and wine options.

Inside the colorful space, an open kitchen showcases food as it’s prepared, while a huge graffiti mural by artist Cory Pane brightens up one wall.

111 East; 1 Fan Pier Blvd., Boston; Hours TBA;