Here are the most expensive dishes you can order at Encore Boston Harbor

From giant $200 clams to highly coveted cuts of wagyu beef.

BOSTON, MA - 06/21/2019 A a carousel adorned with 83,000 flowers and 11,000 jewels sits in the front lobby of Encore Boston Harbor, who will be opening their doors for the first time Sunday morning. Situated on the Mystic River waterfront in Everett, the full-service casino expects to draw crowds upwards of 100,000 people. Erin Clark for The Boston Globe
A carousel adorned with 83,000 flowers and 11,000 jewels sits in the front lobby of Encore Boston Harbor. –Erin Clark / The Boston Globe

It’s not hard to spend money at Encore Boston Harbor; the Everett casino is, after all, a casino.

However, Encore’s dining establishments offer some particularly indulgent ways of parting with one’s cash. From the locally sourced seafood to the rare cuts of steak imported from across the world, New Englanders will be hard-pressed to find surf or turf more exclusive — or expensive — than the dishes on the various menus at Encore.

In ascending order, here’s a look the priciest menu item at each of the casino’s restaurants.

On Deck Burger Bar

Lobster roll — $29

The relatively modestly priced menu at Encore’s sports bar maxes out just below $30 — even if that price for a lobster roll might normally cause diners to balk. On Deck’s version consists of fresh Maine lobster meat, iceberg lettuce, and tarragon aioli on a toasted brioche roll and comes served with potato chips and a pickle.



The Upweller — $45

The beers at Encore’s local craft brew bar will run you between $9 and $17. But the priciest thing on the menu (not counting a full bottle of champagne) is the Upweller seafood sampler, which includes four local oysters, two shrimp cocktails, two littleneck clams, and sea bass tartare.


Colorado rack of lamb and filet mignon (tie) — $52.95

There’s a tie to priciest dish at Fratelli, the casino-floor Italian joint run by two accomplished Boston restaurateurs: The Colorado rack of lamb ribs, which is serve a la carte, and a 12-ounce prime filet mignon, aged for 21 days and served with double-mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach.

Garden Cafe

Shellfish and charcuterie tower — $65

Customers can grab a casual breakfast, lunch, or dinner overlooking Encore’s opulent lobby at the Garden Cafe. And while there’s no shortage of egg-focused dishes and sandwiches topping $20, the dinner menu is where one will find the restaurant’s splurgiest item. The shellfish and charcuterie tower combines Garden Cafe’s raw bar sampler with its charcuterie board of New England-sourced meats and cheeses.


Filetto alla Pizzaiolo — $110

The sharable 22-ounce chateaubriand steak at Encore’s fine-dining Italian restaurant comes served along with a Neapolitan ciambotta with aged balsamic, red pepper jam, and chermoula sauce.



Tomahawk steak — $135

Not including the market-priced lobster dishes, the highest priced dish at Encore’s Asian restaurant and lounge is a dry-aged wagyu tomahawk steak. And while that’s the only fixed-price item at Mystique that surpasses triple digits, chef Anthony Micari also serves up two large-format, group dishes — a whole-roasted fish and a Szechuan-glazed duck — that hit $95.

Oyster Bar

The Jumbo — $138

This seafood tower at Encore’s straightforwardly named oyster bar includes 12 local oysters, six shrimp, six littleneck clams, 3 cherry stone clams, Alaskan king crab, and a choice of tartare or ceviche.

Red 8

Alaskan geoduck clam — $198.88 each

Geoducks — a unique species of giant, long-necked clam native to the Pacific Northwest — are considered a delicacy, particularly in Southeast Asia. And at Encore’s decadent Chinese restaurant, they’re certainly priced like it. According to the Red 8 menu, the nearly $200 dish can be prepared as sashimi, poached, or as a duo of wok-tossed and “Sampan-style.”


A5 Kobe ribeye — $220 per four ounces

The curated menu at Encore’s steakhouse features massive cuts of domestically raised beef, ranging up to a 40-ounce porterhouse. However, the most expensive item is just a four-ounce portion of Japanese wagyu. As the sole registered Kobe Beef Federation end-user in Massachusetts, Rare sources its coveted “A5” beef from the Japanese prefecture of Hyogo. And if four ounces of the rich, marbled ribeye isn’t enough, customers do have the option of adding additional ounces for $55.

(For more price-sensitive guests, the steakhouse also has a $68 lobster roll served with black truffle oil and caviar.)

Garden Lounge


Macallan 1950 — $950

The menu at Encore’s cocktail bar doesn’t exactly have much to eat, but it does feature some of the more mind-blowingly expensive items. The exclusive spirits menu includes four vintages of the sought-after bourbon brand Pappy Van Winkle, and none of them come close to the truly top-shelf liquors.

Garden Lounge’s scotch list includes several brands that cost more than $100 a pour, including decades-old reserves of Macallan that will set guests back several hundred dollars for a glass. Currently the most expensive is the $950 glass of Macallan 1950 — bottles of which are listed on whisky auction websites for tens of thousands of dollars.