Catch ’em all at a Pokémon-themed pop-up bar

The globe-trotting PokéBar arrives in Boston next year.

Burgers at PokéBar
Burgers at PokéBar –PokéBar

A Pokémon invasion will hit Boston in 2020 when PokéBar pops up with burgers, games, and cocktails for two days in May.

Viral Ventures, an Australian immersive events company, launched the Pokémon-themed concept earlier this year, and has scheduled pop-ups in Boston, Cleveland, Denver, Los Angeles, and Miami, as well as Birmingham, Liverpool, London, and Manchester in the United Kingdom, and Dublin in Ireland.

When the pop-up bar arrives on May 23 and 24 — a location hasn’t yet been announced — attendees will be treated to Pokémon-themed burgers and cocktails, along with trivia (brush up on your characters), a DJ, and a costume contest. And, of course, there will be action stations and card battles to test your strategic moves, where players can team up to evolve their own Pokémon.


Tickets haven’t been released  yet, but other cities are showing a price tag of $55. To hear about pre-release tickets for Boston’s event, sign up on PokéBar’s website.