S6 Sports Bar, a popular South Shore dive, will close on Tuesday

The Quincy Center bar is saying goodbye after 12 years.

S6 Sports Bar
A wall dedicated to Jamie Cochrane at S6 Sports Bar. –S6 Sports Bar

On Tuesday evening, Ed Cochrane will gather with friends, families, and regulars at S6 Sports Bar, the Quincy dive bar that he opened in 2007, and will raise a toast to his brother, Jamie Cochrane.

The toast will mark the 13th anniversary of his brother’s death — and the last day of S6.

For the past 12 years, S6 has served as a local hangout in Quincy Center, a bar where locals drink cold beer and devour cheesy slices of “Alumni”-style bar pizza. Ed, who also owns the Alumni in Weymouth and Rag’s Tavern in Quincy, named the bar after his brother, a Quincy motorcycle police officer who went by the call number ‘S6.’ Jamie died in an off-duty motorcycle accident on September 10, 2006.

Ed Cochrane of S6 Sports Bar
Ed Cochrane with Quincy police officers in front of his bar, S6. —S6 Sports Bar

The building that houses the bar will soon be knocked down to make way for a new road that will run through Quincy Center, connecting Burgin Parkway to Quincy’s new parking garage. It’s the latest development to affect Quincy’s rapidly changing landscape, and one that is pushing owners like Ed out of their places of business.

“I wish I could stay in that location,” Ed said, noting that he has looked at other locations for the bar but hasn’t found anything currently feasible. “I’ve been here [in Quincy] my whole life, and maybe down the line there might be a future spot.”

For now, the owner will celebrate his bar’s final hours in its current home. Starting at 6 p.m., S6 will offer free pizza and other bites, and a DJ will provide entertainment. Ed said that the past week has been incredibly busy, with regulars and local police offers stopping by one last time, some even contributing to the collection of police patches that hang on a wall honoring Jamie. When the bar closes, Ed said that the patches will be moved up the road to Rag’s Tavern.

“We’ve had great support [over the years],” Ed said. “[The bar] has run its course.”


S6 opens at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, and guests can stop by starting at 6 p.m. for some pizza and beer — and to raise a glass to Jamie.

S6 Sports Bar; 1550 Hancock St., Quincy; open Tuesday from 3 p.m.–close; facebook.com/S6AlumniPizza