Beacon Hill Pub reportedly trading in its dive bar status for fine dining

It's the end of an era.

The Beacon Hill Pub in Boston.
The Beacon Hill Pub in Boston. –RebuildingSince92/Flickr

After Beacon Hill Pub fell under new management and closed for renovations in October 2018, many fans of the popular dive thought they’d seen the last of their local watering hole. When it reopened in January, the pub’s soul seemed to be intact, with Julius Sokol — an investor in Greater Boston Bar Co., which also purchased Mary Ann’s in Brighton, Sullivan’s Tap in the West End, and the Tam in the Theater District — sharing in a press release that “Subtle upgrades have been made inside the bar to enhance the customer experience while maintaining the character and charm Bostonian’s know and love.”


But according to the Beacon Hill Times, more significant changes are coming. On Saturday, the publication reported that Babak Bina, co-founder and owner of BiNA Family Hospitality, was tapped to reinvent the pub as a more upscale concept.

“The Beacon Hill Pub will be transformed into a fine dining establishment, which will have an operator and concept [that] is more in keeping with Beacon Hill,” Bina told the Times. “I have agreed to advise [the proprietors] on who might be a good operator and negotiate with them to take over as a tenant and restaurant owner. It will be another neighborhood destination for the residents and visitors alike.”

BiNA Family Hospitality’s portfolio includes Bin 26 Entoeca, jm Curley, Bogie’s Place, and Bina Farm Center.

City Realty Group is leading the redevelopment of the building that houses Beacon Hill Pub (147-149 Charles St.), along with the six apartments above the bar. Those apartments will be turned into 16 high-end executive suites, the Times reports.

City Realty Group did not immediately respond to’s request for comment.

Josh Fetterman, City Realty’s director of project development, told the Times that once the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission approves the proposal, which will go before the Beacon Hill Civic Association Zoning and Licensing Committee on Oct. 2, construction will take between 10 and 12 months.


Stay tuned for more updates on when Beacon Hill Pub will close for renovation, and what exactly will be going in its place.