Food trucks are rolling into Boston neighborhoods. Here’s the new 2020 Summer Food Truck schedule.

The program launched July 17.

The Turkey Avo sandwich at the Bacon Truck
The Turkey Avo sandwich at The Bacon Truck. –Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

A new program from the City of Boston has given food trucks the chance to set up shop beyond their usual downtown digs.

On Friday, the city launched the 2020 Summer Food Truck initiative in an effort to help this struggling segment of the restaurant industry get back on its feet. Expanding beyond the Financial District and other areas of downtown Boston, participating food trucks are now allowed to operate at one of 23 neighborhood locations across the city, including parks, schools, and playgrounds. Trucks will set up from noon to 7 p.m. each day.

While all eligible food trucks can still sign up to participate, Friday’s initial list includes businesses like Bibim Box, Cousins Maine Lobster, Northeast of the Border, Sufra, and Zaaki. Trucks must still adhere to COVID-19-specific guidance for food services, including frequent cleaning and disinfecting, posting hand washing signage, and limiting the handling of cash.


Along with other sectors of the restaurant industry, food trucks have faced a difficult time during the pandemic as downtown Boston — a major hub for most trucks — emptied out and offices moved to a work-from-home setup.

“Our whole marketing [strategy] is based around being at the right place at the right time,” David Harnik, chef and owner at The Dining Car, previously told “Now, with people being dispersed throughout the Greater Boston Area, how does anyone even know [we’re here]? How do we distinguish ourselves in the marketplace?”

This new food truck initiative might be a way to reach those dispersed customers. Find the schedule for each neighborhood below, or access a map of the schedule here. The Greenway’s food truck schedule, which has been scaled back due to COVID-19, can be found here.

Allston – Brighton

Penniman Road play area, Hano Street
Fridays and Saturdays: Sufra

McKinney playground, 69 Faneuil St.
Mondays: Zaaki
Fridays and Sundays: Zinneken’s


Monument or Training Field Monument Square / Commons Street
Mondays: The Bacon Truck
Tuesdays: Bibim Box
Wednesdays: Teri-Yummy

Doherty playground, St. Martin Street
Friday: The Bacon Truck

Track at Charleston Community Center, 255 Medford St.
Tuesdays: Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers
Fridays: Northeast of the Border



Eliot Norton Park, 8 Oak St. West
Fridays: WingGawdz


Hemenway Park, Adams Street
Thursdays: Northeast of the Border

Brunswick-King play area, 81 Intervale St.
Saturdays: Cousins Maine Lobster

Roberts playground, 63 Wentworth
Mondays: Northeast of the Border

Savin Hill Malibu Beach, 66 Denny St.
Mondays and Thursdays: Sufra

East Boston

Bremen St. Park, 327 Bremen St.
Tuesdays and Fridays: Teri-Yummy
Saturdays: Bibim Box

Prescott Square Park, 1 Prescott St.
Mondays and Thursdays: Teri-Yummy
Tuesdays: Northeast of the Border


Museum of Fine Arts, Forsyth Way
Wednesdays: WingGawdz
Thursdays and Saturdays: Rolling Gyros
Sundays: Zaaki

Museum of Fine Arts, 4 Museum Rd.
Tuesdays and Wednesdays: Tandoor and Curry on Wheels
Thursdays: Cousins Maine Lobster
Fridays: Zaaki

Hyde Park

Iacono Readville playground, 26 Fleet St.
Saturdays: Zaaki

Jamaica Plain

Arboretum, 99 Bussey St.
Wednesdays: Rolling Gyros
Thursdays: WingGawdz
Saturdays: Chicken & Rice Guys


Walker playground, Mildred Avenue
Tuesdays: Trolley Dogs

Mission Hill

Hennigan schoolyard, 200 Heath St.
Tuesdays: Sufra


Fallon Field, 22 Walworth St.
Sundays: Cousins Maine Lobster


Franklin Park rotary, Franklin Park Road and Glen Lane
Saturdays: Northeast of the Border

SW Corridor, 136 Green St.
Fridays: Rolling Gyros

Madison Park High School, 75 Malcom X Blvd.
Fridays: Rolling Gyros

West Roxbury

Hynes Field, Courtney Road
Mondays: Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers
Fridays: Trolley Dogs

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