These are the top 5 espresso martinis in Boston, according to readers

Find out which North End restaurant makes a runaway favorite.

Espresso martini at Bricco
The espresso martini at Bricco. Provided

Is Boston an espresso martini town? After hearing from hundreds of readers, all signs seem to point to yes.

Last week, we asked readers to share where they order their favorite espresso martini, a cocktail that seemed to make yet another comeback over the summer.

More than 600 espresso martini fans sent in their answers through our survey, email, and social media. Restaurants and bars in the North End made up a sizable portion of responses, from fan favorite Bricco to more casual coffee shops like Caffè Dello Sport and Caffè Paradiso. A few readers recommended nitro espresso martinis served on draft, like those at The Broadway in Southie and Blend in Dorchester.


In the end, readers recommended roughly 90 restaurants and bars in and around Boston that make a fantastic espresso martini. Discover the top five below, then check out our map of all the restaurants making this timeless classic.

1. Bricco

Sorry to all the other espresso martinis, but Bricco’s version is the most celebrated one in the city. How celebrated? More than a third of readers called this espresso martini out as their favorite. If you need even more proof, a representative for the North End restaurant shared that Bricco has sold 35,000 espresso martinis so far this year. (Trattoria Il Panino, which is owned by the same restaurant group and uses the same espresso martini recipe, was also a reader favorite.) It’s made with Absolut vanilla vodka, Kahlúa, fresh espresso, Disaronno, Baileys, and Frangelico, and arrives with a raw sugar and cocoa rim and three espresso beans.

“There’s nothing like an after dinner espresso martini from Bricco to finish your evening,” said Caroline from the North End, while Patti from Medford called the drink “perfectly balanced and smooth — one sip and I was hooked.” A slew of readers also gave a shout out to bartender Glenn Le Maitre, who they said makes the drink so special.


“Glenn is the absolute best!” wrote one reader. “He puts on a show and is so charismatic while doing so.”

2. Fin Point

Located in Boston’s Financial District, Fin Point Oyster Bar & Grille is a power lunch spot, a date night destination, and a haven for espresso martinis.

“This martini has never disappointed,” wrote Jailyn Tejas from Boston. “It’s light, packs the right punch, and is slightly frothy on top. [It’s given a] cute little touch with three beans on top. Sophisticated in appearance, friendly, and familiar in taste.”

Made with vanilla vodka, Kahlúa, Baileys, and espresso, the smooth cocktail is a favorite post-meal drink for many of Fin’s regulars.

“Fin Point’s espresso martini will give you the wake up kick you need in a dessert after a delicious meal,” shared Vinicio Baez from Boston. “All the flavors complement each other, giving you a rich, creamy, and delightful taste so you aren’t left with an overwhelming espresso flavor or vodka taste on the palate.”

3. Ocean Prime

Looking for a steak dinner to precede your espresso martini? Head to Ocean Prime in the Seaport, where a bevy of cuts are offered alongside decadent sides like black truffle macaroni and cheese and bacon creamed spinach. Then it’s on to the martini, made with Hammer & Sickle vodka, Kahlúa, and house-brewed espresso.


Gina DiGianvittorio from East Boston praised the drink’s “perfect amount of creaminess,” while a dozen other readers highlighted the fresh espresso.

Holly from Boston had one pressing question: “Seriously, have you tried it with their 10-layer carrot cake?!” she asked. No, Holly, we haven’t, but we’re definitely going to now.

4. Cloud & Spirits

Though it’s still relatively new — Cloud & Spirits opened in the former Cuchi Cuchi space in June — the Cambridge restaurant has already developed a small following for its version of an espresso martini, dubbed the Banana Espress. The drink is made with Triple Eight vanilla vodka, Trader Vic’s Amaretto, Baileys, and espresso, then given a fruity flair with the addition of house made banana milk.

“The banana milk gives an awesome and unique flavor to this must-try rendition of the espresso martini,” wrote Zach from Cambridge, while Jon from Lynn shared that he thought it was “perfect because you can really taste the delicious dynamic espresso flavors chilled to perfection. It’s art!”

5. Abe & Louie’s

Kate Armanetti from Lexington wrote that she had three espresso martinis in one night at Abe & Louie’s, and ended up meeting her future husband there. Coincidence? Maybe, or maybe the martinis at this Back Bay steakhouse have the power to make diners fall in love. Just saying.

Made with espresso, Kahlúa, Stoli vanilla vodka, and Baileys, Abe & Louie’s espresso martini is also available dairy-free. It’s the “perfect balance of alcohol and real espresso, and is served ice cold,” wrote one reader.


Christine from Boston said she orders a decaf version, but that it’s still the right amount of “smooth, lightly creamy, and with just a touch of foam on top … I get one or two every time I go to Abe’s.”

On the hunt for even more espresso martinis? Check out our map of reader favorites below.


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