This Massachusetts eatery is one of the world’s best restaurants, according to Conde Nast Traveler

It is a family-owned Persian eatery.

Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff
Café Vanak's Eggplant spread. Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

When Conde Nast Traveler asked food experts where travelers should dine, a Massachusetts restaurant landed on the worldwide list.

The travel publication recently released a global map of the world’s best restaurants according to people who eat for a living and included Belmont’s Café Vanak, which opened last year. It is the only New England restaurant on the map.

The map of 144 restaurants recommended by chefs, cookbook authors, and food show hosts — 79 in North America, 32 in Europe, 14 in Asia, 9 in South America, 6 in Africa, and 4 in Oceania — is made up of restaurants that “range from roadside stalls to Michelin-starred,” noted the publication.


“In every corner of the world, we have dropped a pin on expert-recommended eateries, with tips on what to order, the vibe you’ll find, and why these experiences have made such an impression on people who know a one-of-a-kind restaurant when they see it,” wrote Conde Nast Traveler. “We hope this will make future trip planning easier; it might help you decide where to go next.”

Here’s what Mina Stone, author of “Cooking for Artists” and owner of Mina’s in Queens, wrote about Café Vanak:

This family-owned authentic Persian eatery is right next to the totally inspiring Persian grocery store by the same owners (and the same name). It is brightly lit with bright posters of Persian food on the walls, and you will usually find family and friends of the owners eating happily right next to you! I ate chicken kabab (Joojeh), grilled tomatoes, saffron rice, and a Shirazi salad—all delicious, juicy, and perfect.

Mina Stone

View the entire Conde Nast Traveler map of restaurants.


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