Check out this gigantic cake a Brockton bakery made for the Super Bowl

We were live from Montilio's Baking Company in Brockton, where bakers decorated a massive cake to ship to Minnesota.

Many are looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday for the football. Others prefer the halftime show and the commercials. And then some just want to eat a massive amount of food.

Speaking of “massive” and “food”: Boston’s own Montilio’s Baking Company was chosen to bake a cake for Super Bowl weekend’s Taste of the NFL, an event for which each NFL city provides food and wine for guests to sample, and the bakery went all out. On Thursday afternoon, Montilio’s Brockton location finished the cake, which is shaped like the U.S. and measures 8-by-4 feet. It took three bakers more than 60 hours to make, and it will now head more than 1,400 miles to Minnesota for the celebration.


In fact, Montilio’s has a history of showing off its Patriots pride. Last week, the bakery announced that it’s banning Philadelphia Cream Cheese from its shops, and it delivered a 16-foot-wide Boston cream pie cake in the shape of a football to Monday’s Patriots send-off rally. Not to mention, after the Pats won the 2017 Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons, Montilio’s made a life-sized Tom Brady cake.

Below, watch a live video during which we got a firsthand look at the Taste of the NFL cake and chatted with owner George Montillio.

(Video may take a moment to load.)