clickTag Troubleshooting Guide

Download Example FLA (CS3, zipped)
Table of Contents:
  1. Use ActionScript 2.0
  2. Check your syntax
  3. Check your layers
  4. Make sure your clickTag button is really a button
  5. Make sure the button is a true invisible button
  6. Do not add filters to your button
  7. Remove all duplicate clickTags
  8. Making multiple clickTags
  9. Do not overlap, correct sizing
  10. Do not use scenes
  11. Adjust your Publish Settings
1. Use ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0 [top]

Look at your actions panel. The pulldown in the upper left should read "ActionScript 1.0 & 2.0". Also check your Publish settings; in the Flash tab, make sure it does not say "ActionScript 3.0" for ActionScript version.

Our ad servers will not support ActionScript 3.0, which prohibits actions on buttons.

2. Check your syntax [top]
Click on your clickTag button. Look at your actions panel. Make sure the script on your button reads as follows:

This is the script we use and it's what our tracking application functions with. Please use this script even if you believe your script will still work. The tracking application we use has strict scripting structure and the script you may currently have on your button may not function. If you're using Adobe's clickTag script, that too is acceptable. You may find that script at We only ask that you add a "_blank" tag to the script as seen above.

If you still can't get the clickTag to function properly once you have gone through each step, please download this example file (zipped, Flash 8 or higher). Open the file and follow the instructions below.

3. Check your layers [top]
The clickTag button should be found on its own separate layer, above all your creative. The clickTag layer doesn't need to go above your actions layer (or your close button layer, if you're making a sliding billboard). Below is an example of how your layers should look.

4. Make sure your clickTag button is really a button [top]
Even though you can control a movieclip in Flash as a button, in this instance, your object must be a Flash button. Make sure your clickTag button is a Flash button by clicking inside the object. If you see 4 keyframes labled "up," "over," "down" and "hit" (as shown below) you have made a functional button.

5. Make sure the button is a true invisible button [top]
Your button should only have a hit state as shown in the graphic above. A lot of times people will make a button and change the alpha to 0% so it's not visible. This isn't a true invisible button and may interfere with certain ads when live on the site.

6. Do not add filters to your button [top]
Currently, tracking a button that has filters applied to it will not work. You must apply any filters you want to use (i.e. drop shadow, glow) inside on the button's keyframes. Do not apply filters to the button on the main timeline.

7. Remove all duplicate clickTags [top]
Sometimes in the process of editing your file you may accidentally have more than one clickTag button and not realize it. Double check all your layers and make sure you have only one clickTag button. If you are tracking more than one link in your ad, please see "Making multiple clickTags" below. To make sure that you have only one button with clickTag script on it, go to the actions panel. You should see something similar to the image below. On the left-hand side, should be a list of all the objects in your movie with script on them. Click on them all and make sure that there is only ONE clickTag coded on the correct button.

8. Making multiple clickTags [top]
Create as many buttons as you need links to track. If you want to track 3 links, make 3 invisible buttons, and so on. Make sure all your buttons have the correct clickTag script on it. Edit each button so it reads, "clickTag," "clickTag1," "clickTag2," etc. You cannot have 2 clickTag buttons with identical script.

9. Do not overlap, correct sizing [top]
The clickTag button needs to be the entire width and height of your ad. If you're making a leaderboard your clickTag button should be 728x90, a skyscraper at 160x600, and so on. This button needs to be on top of everything else (unless your making a sliding billboard and need a close button). The safest way to ensure your clickTag isn't overlapping another object is to make a separate layer at the top and keep your button there. See #2 for more.

10. Do not use scenes [top]
All objects must be located in Scene 1 on the main timeline. There is no way for the tracking software to read past Scene 1. Please keep all actions and animations in Scene 1.

11. Adjust your Publish Settings [top]
Please publish your file at the following settings. If you don't have Flash 8 or higher, please set to the highest setting you have. Ads will not function properly in versions earlier than Flash 8. Also make sure ActionScript 2.0 is selected for ActionScript version.