Using an alternate address

Q: When applying to a job from out of state, how do you deal with employers who doubt your interest in and ability to move within a reasonable amount of time? Should you put a friend’s Boston-based address on your resume just to get initial consideration?

A: I am seeing more and more candidates apply for positions out of their geographic area, so this is not uncommon. If you have ties to the Boston area, that certainly helps (example: attended college in Massachusetts or lived here as a child).

Also, you should explain that you have researched Boston, especially the cost of living. I have extended job offers to candidates and they have accepted, but after a few hours of internet research, some realize that residential real estate prices here are very different than, say, Kansas City. It becomes a difficult situation. They end up wanting a higher salary or more money for relocation.
Lastly, I would not recommend using a friend’s local address on a resume. I think that is misleading. Instead, I would recommend stating in your summary or cover letter that you are willing to relocate.
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