That’s why they call it ‘not safe for work’

A video taken from an Australian news station has become a popular YouTube clip this week – much to the chagrin of a banker whose computer screen was in view of a TV camera conducting a live interview.

The clip shows Macquarie Bank worker Dave Kiely at his desk as a colleague is being interviewed on live TV about interest rates, as Kiely’s computer screen flips through photos of a nearly nude model.
The video created such a stir that the model herself – Orlando Bloom’s fiancee, Miranda Kerr (right) – chimed in to say she hopes the banker doesn’t lose his job over the incident, even offering to sign a petition calling for Kiely to keep his job.


Kerr will get her wish – the bank released a statement today saying that after an internal review, Kiely would indeed keep his job.

But for office workers everywhere, Kiely’s situation serves as a sobering reminder: Be careful what you look at, because you never know who is watching your computer screen.

Material from the Associated Press was used in this report.

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