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How can I apply to multiple roles? Elaine Varelas examines 

Sometimes more than one position may interest you when you’re applying for a new job. Elaine Varelas examines the proper etiquette for applying to multiple positions while maintaining professional integrity. 

Ask the Job Doc.

Q: If I’m already interviewing for a role at a company but they have another position I’m interested in, should I apply to that second role? What’s the etiquette if I’d like to be considered for both? 

A: If you’re interviewing for a role at a company and another opportunity comes up, do not apply for the second role. Instead, start a conversation with your interviewer and let them know you’re interested.  


You will need to evaluate which position better suits you. Examine your skill sets.  Which opportunity do you think you have better chance of getting an offer for? Take a look at not only the current position, but who the manager is and where in the organization the position lands. What is the long-term view for both opportunities?  

If you apply for both without first talking to anyone, you may be considered a bit indecisive, which won’t help how you’re being perceived. You certainly don’t want to fill out paperwork that would surprise anyone; seeing your name pop up on another list when it never came up in the interview can do that. If you want to be considered for both opportunities, you can express an interest in the whole company and what it is that they’re doing, but do not fill out paperwork that might surprise someone in Human Resources or someone in the department who will say, “Why would this person be doing that?” 

If you’re working with an internal recruiter, you can express an interest and say, “You know, I saw that you also had another opportunity in XYZ Department. Can you tell me a little bit about that?” And they might ask you if you’re interested. You can certainly say, “I find that work interesting as well,” without committing to changing your application status. This is another opportunity to express your interest in the whole company. 


Do research and network with people in the other department to find out more about it, but ultimately you need to try to make a decision: which one is the right job for you?  

Play out the hand of the first opportunity that you interviewed for. If they end up selecting you for one position over the other then you can remind them of your interest in the other position. Ask them simply, “Can I still be considered for the other role?” If they don’t select you, absolutely pursue the other.  


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