Tips to Find Part-Time Work When You’re in School

Be flexible, advises Jeanine Hamilton of Hire Partnership.
Be flexible, advises Jeanine Hamilton of Hire Partnership. –Taylor McKnight/Flickr

Boston is home to a large number of colleges and universities where roughly 80 percent of the students work part-time during the school year. Their jobs range from on-campus work-study situations to retail to part-time office support and many more positions.

As the president of a staffing firm, I’m a bit biased and think that staffing services can be a terrific fit for students who are looking for part-time work. For example, we have a number of clients that operate call centers and have shifts to cover the 24 hour/365 day nature of the work, requiring part-time workers who are available in the evenings and on weekends. Other clients of ours need administrative assistants for just a couple of specific days each week.


If you’re looking for part-time work to fit around your class schedule, here is my advice:

Check the resources at your school – Each school offers students and alumni a range of services to help them find a job. Some have specific days for meeting and interviewing with campus employers, others maintain databases with job postings, and most will offer resume and interview technique assistance.

Be flexible – Attitude goes a long way, especially with workers who don’t have a lot of job experience yet. Show employers that you’re interested and willing to work and be clear about how you can be reached.

Have a resume – Your resume doesn’t have to be career-focused, especially if you’re still deciding what you want to do, but it’s a helpful and standard way to show hiring managers what you’ve done and what skills you can offer.

Take the work seriously – Even if it’s “just’’ a few hours per week, employers are more likely to hire the candidates who perform professionally during the interview process and treat the job’s responsibilities as seriously as if it were a permanent role.

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