Boston offers new plan for helping small business owners

Mayor Walsh's citywide small business plan calls for an increased focus on minority, women, and immigrant entrepreneurs.

Mayor Walsh today announced Boston's first small business plan, a roadmap that will guide the city's approach to supporting small businesses as they start and grow in Boston. –Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Mayor Marty Walsh unveiled a plan Wednesday to help small business owners start and grow their Boston businesses.

Some of the key features of the roadmap include establishing a small business center and hotline, increasing real estate availability for small businesses, and growing entrepreneurial programs for women, immigrant, and minority entrepreneurs.

“For Boston to continue to thrive and offer opportunities to all its residents, we need to make sure that our small businesses, which are a critical engine of Boston’s economy, are supported in the way that best meets their needs,” said Mayor Walsh in a statement.

Researchers developing a database of the state of small businesses in Boston determined that annually, the city’s 40,000 small businesses generate roughly $15 billion in revenue and create 170,000 jobs.


Mayor Walsh said the plan will involve increasing small business capital availability and launching a mentorship program for small restaurants and retail outlets.  He also said he hopes the initiative will increase the number of large companies purchasing from local services and small businesses.

The plan is the result of year-long effort by the city’s Department of Neighborhood Development and the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, which got input from the Mayor’s Small Business Advisory Council — a group of 34 small business community members representing diverse sectors like industrial, women and minority-owned businesses, and startups.

Read the full “Small Business Plan” here.



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