How Do I Block Him From My Life?


Dear Meredith,

I met a man about a year and a half ago on a dating website. He was 10 years older than I was and had a blurred photo, but being young, I didn’t think twice. After messaging with him, he told me that his photo was blurry because his employer didn’t allow for dating site use, and I believed him.

Our life aspirations and personalities matched, and we did meet and go out several times in Boston. But he was only available during the morning and daytime and never at night. Usually he would only text me after 10 p.m. Our relationship has mostly been through text and some phone calls.

Months ago, I Googled enough to find out his last name and to see that he has a daughter and is/was married. I confronted him about this (via text message) and he denied it all. His family is clearly on his Facebook. He lies about where he lives, why he visits Boston (his family), and why he can never take me out at normal times. But I can’t get rid of him. We text and I get sucked in again because of the attraction, flirting, and attention.

Other than blocking his number, what else can I do? He is such bad news for me.

– push him away, Boston


Block his number and all of his social media profiles. Tell your friends that if you ever talk about this man, they’re allowed to end the conversation because he’s not worth anyone’s time.

Then keep yourself distracted. If you get the urge to look him up online, start browsing dating websites. If you have the desire to text him for some attention, call someone whose last name you’ve known for years.

Taking care of yourself is part of being a grownup. If you want to get rid of this man and have a better love life, you have to grow up.

Readers? How can she push him away?

– Meredith

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