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I am seeing a man who has lived by himself for 16 years. He has said he loves me and when he is with me he is an angel. He is from Maryland and when he leaves me he becomes distant and sometimes rude. He has even stopped speaking to me for 6 months because I made him angry.
He says he wants what I want which is a solid relationship, maybe ending up in marriage. My problem is he does not like talking on the phone and right now that is our only option. He calls when he feels like it and that may amout to maybe once a week.
I want to know if this man has commitment issues and if so should I run. I have tried to break it off 3 times, but he calls and we start talking again and he does the same thing all over again. I like him, but I find it hard to get to know him. He won’t even show me his feet. He was a serviceman for 23 years, so maybe that has something to do with his feet, but I am looking for a drama free life and he is not helping. – desperate, rockland


Dear Desperate,
Remember that guy who wrote that book “He’s Just Not That Into You”? I despise self-help books, but I think that guy may have been on to something.

  • You’ve told us you feel like you don’t know him.
  • You’ve told us he dropped you for half a year because he was in a bad mood.
  • You’ve told us you want marriage and he won’t show you his feet.

We all deserve someone who will expose their feet. I can tell this guy has a tough time with emotional intimacy, but his inability to include you in his life is mean and it has become a waste of your time. Perhaps it’s time to use your feet to walk away, and when he calls, shut off the phone.
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– Meredith

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