Sleep Soundly with these mattress deals: Casper, Nectar, Purple Mattress and more

From Casper to Eight Sleep we’ve tracked down the best ways to save on mattresses.

By: Webgears, a Partner
November 6, 2020

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Casper mattress has spent years studying how we sleep and what we need from a mattress. They sell three different mattresses in six sizes from twin through to California king, the mattresses are a mix of foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses. If you’re looking to try one of their mattresses but are unsure if it’s the right mattress for you, Casper offers a 100-day risk-free trial in addition to a 10-year limited warranty on all mattresses.

Ways to save at Casper

Casper often runs limited-time sales and discounts on bundles. You can save this fall at Casper simply check out Casper sale section for fall sales where you can get up to 60% off final sale bedding and accessories. Casper bundles are another way to save, purchase your mattress in a bundle with mattress protectors, sheets or pillows and save up to 20%.

Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep mattresses might just be the most advanced on the market. Eight Sleep’s Pod mattress uses a hydro-engine to heat or cool your side of the bed, it tracks your sleep patterns, uses a smart alarm to wake you up gradually, and can be controlled through an app on your phone. Eight Sleep’s Pod mattress allows you to set the mattress temperature anywhere between 55 and 110°F, you can even set different sides of the bed to different temperatures meaning that both you and your partner get the perfect personalized temperature. Eight Sleep’s sleep tracker tracks your sleep patterns, how much you toss and turn, and will provide you with a detailed personalized health report. Upgrade to the Pod Pro and experience Eight Sleep’s proprietary smart alarm that uses gentle vibrations to wake you up gradually. Eight Sleep offers a 100-day free trial of their Pod mattresses, if you aren’t satisfied with the Pod within the first 100-days simply let them know and they’ll pick up the mattress for free and issue a refund. The Eight Sleep Pod also comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Ways to save with Eight Sleep

Order an Eight Sleep Pod Mattress or Eight Sleep accessories before October 18 and save $100 on the Pod Mattresses and 20% off Accessories


Leesa has put in 30-years of industry experience to design their foam and hybrid mattresses that are made in the USA. Leesa sells three different types of mattresses in six sizes from twin through to California king. Leesa offers a 100-day risk-free trial so if you find that their mattresses aren’t for you, you can feel comfortable knowing you can easily return it. Leesa mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty meaning you can get years of sleep from your Leesa mattress.

Ways to save at Leesa

Leesa runs a range of deals, you can check out the Leesa fall sale in the shop’s deals section along with any current sale. In Leesa’s 3rd annual sale you can save up to $500 on select mattresses plus you’ll get a free mattress protector. You can also save at Leesa when you refer a friend, once your friend has made a purchase, you’ll receive $75 sent to your PayPal account.


Nectar’s memory foam mattresses use 5 layers to create a medium-firm mattress that relieves common pressure points. Nectar offers two different mattresses: the Nectar Mattress and the Nectar Lush Mattress. The Nectar Lush Mattress includes a memory foam layer with aquacool™ infused gel to help regulate body temperature. Nectar offers a 365-day free trial, providing you with a year of sleep to decide if Nectar mattresses are the right choice for you. If you decide to keep the Nectar mattress, you have a limited warranty for as long as you own the mattress.

Ways to save with Nectar

Bundle a Nectar mattress with a mattress foundation, sheets, and a mattress protector and save over $100. Right now when you order a Nectar mattress you’ll receive $399 worth of accessories for free.

Purple Mattress

Purple mattresses are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and made in the USA. Purple Mattress offers four kinds of mattresses including a child’s mattress all of which feature the Purple Grid™ which eliminates pressure points and allows for airflow, keeping you cool at night. Purple Mattress offers a 100-day risk-free trial and a 10-year limited warranty, giving you peace of mind when shopping with Purple Mattress

Ways to save with Purple Mattress

You can save up to 10% at Purple Mattress with bundles. Bundles are available for pillows, bed sheets, and duvets. Save this fall with $189 worth of sheets and pillows for free when you order select mattresses.

This content was produced by a partner.  The editorial department of had no role in its writing, production, or display. may earn a commission on purchases of the products or services described within this post.