Fishermen off Chatham catch great white shark on video, react accordingly

While there’s no matching Mikey Bergin, these fishermen were still pretty pumped to catch on great white shark live on video off the coast of Chatham.

In a video posted Saturday, YouTube user Jay Goodwin captures the shark’s dorsal fin emerging from the water in the distance, and then tracks the shark as it swims toward their boat—all while reminding his friend Drew, who previously expresses wanting to jump into the water in his snorkeling gear, not to be an idiot.

(Warning: The video contains some brief profanity)

As it neared the boat, the shark reveals its full length just below the water, as the (at least) three boaters behind the camera respectively freak out.


In a separate incident, two beaches in Plymouth were evacuated Saturday after a lobsterman spotted a great white shark a half-mile off Manomet Point. The beaches were scheduled to reopen at 2 p.m Sunday.

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