Dad, son spot great white shark near Provincetown

A great white shark circled a father and son’s boat off the coast of Provincetown on Saturday.

And they caught the entire hair-raising ordeal on video.

“He’s right there, the great white shark!” the boy says near the beginning of the video as he runs to the edge of the boat. “Oh my gosh.”

The dad, James Gibbons, repeatedly warns his son to be careful and not get so close to the water.

“He’s lurking around us. He’s sizing us up for dinner,” Gibbons says. “This guy is not leaving.”

In the video, Gibbons says they have gone out looking for sharks before, but never saw one.


“And then we’re not even looking for one and we see one right here!” his son enthusiastically responds.

Eventually, the shark disappeared, and the duo was left awestruck.

The son asks several times if they can email the video to Sharktivity, the shark-spotting map made my the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. The conservancy posted the video to their Facebook page Tuesday.

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