This is what it looks like when a great white shark tries to taste your GoPro


According to Dr. Greg Skomal, sharks usually tend to be a bit shy.

“Typically, they ignore the camera,” said Skomal, the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries’s senior fisheries biologist and shark expert.

Not this one.

During a regular research trip Monday off the elbow of Cape Cod, a 12-foot great white shark decided to see what Skomal’s GoPro tasted like. Footage of the bite was posted online Tuesday afternoon by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.

The 28-second video provides an up-close view of the sharks’s razor teeth that viewers would presumably otherwise avoid.

Skomal, who was safely holding the camera with a pole from aboard the boat, said they were lucky that the camera wasn’t damaged.


“We would’ve lost all our data for the day.” he said.

Skomal said the run-in occurred during one of his twice-a-week research trips to tag and identify the white shark population off the coast of Cape Cod during the summer months. He thinks he may have surprised this particular shark when he put the camera in the water.

Fortunately, for researchers (and the camera) the shark’s bite was more curious than aggressive.

“One of the ways they answer their curiosity is to do a test bite,” Skomal said.