A rare yellow lobster joins New England Aquarium’s multicolored collection

A rare yellow lobster joins a multicolored collection. Courtesy of New England Aquarium

The arrival of a rare yellow lobster this week¬†expands the New England Aquarium’s collection of oddly colored¬†crustaceans.

This rarity — an estimated 1 in 30 million lobsters in the wild are yellow — was caught by lobsterman Bill Porter of Marblehead and donated by Patriot Seafoods of Salem, the aquarium said.

The other colors represented in the aquarium’s collection include blue, orange, calico, and the dual orange and black of the “Halloween lobster.” Normal colored lobsters are a mottled greenish brown; they only turn bright red after being cooked.

Though the new yellow lobster will not be on exhibit for at least a month as it undergoes quarantine, the others can be found in the Cold Marine Gallery.