‘He’s got something in his mouth — he’s got a seal’: Researchers share ‘close up’ video of shark chomping on a meal off Cape Cod beach

“Holy mackerel!”

(Warning: Video contains graphic images and profane language.)

Researchers got another rare, up-close look at shark hunting off Cape Cod.

This time, instead of a scientist’s feet, a seal was the target of a great white off Wellfleet. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy shared video Wednesday of the encounter that occurred last Thursday.

In the video, people on the boat can be heard exclaiming as the shark rises out of the water near the research vessel, shaking the prey in its jaws, sending bloody water flying.

“He’s got something in his mouth — he’s got a seal,” one person says before the shark can be seen.


“Holy mackerel!” he adds later.  

“A rarely seen window into the world of the Atlantic white shark in Cape Cod waters,” the researchers wrote. “The research team recorded this close up footage of a seal predation in clear water about 100 yards from the beach.”  

Researchers have been urging beachgoers on the Cape to be “shark smart” and use the conservancy’s free app that provides information on white shark sightings and movements.