Watch: Bobcat spotted strolling outside office building in Western Mass.

The Hadley Police Department shared a video of the large cat seen on Wednesday afternoon.

Office workers in Western Massachusetts were treated to a special sight on International Cat Day — a bobcat stalking across the lawn outside their building.

The Hadley Police Department said the large feline was spotted on Wednesday afternoon making its way across the property on Venture Way.

“Wow, that’s big,” a man can be heard saying in the video.

“It’s so cute,” says a woman as the bobcat looks around outside.

According to MassWildlife, the bobcat is the only wild cat that can be found in the state, most commonly in the central and western regions.

“Bobcats are well-adapted to a variety of habitats, such as mountainous areas with rocky ledges, hardwood forests, swamps, bogs, and brushy areas near fields,” state officials said. “Bobcats deal with human influences but tend to avoid areas with extensive agriculturally cleared lands that eliminate other habitat types. Bobcats are adapting to suburban settings and may be seen in backyards and residential areas.”


MassAudubon says the large cats, which can weigh between 15 and 35 pounds, “prefer to avoid people rather than to interact with them” and are most active at night.