2 dogs were found abandoned over 20 miles apart within days of one another. Are their cases related?

"There's too much similarity to be ignored."

Angel and Chester after getting haircuts.
Angel and Chester, after getting haircuts. –Animal Rescue League of Boston

Two dogs once separated by over 20 miles, but found abandoned within days of one another, are now both in the same treatment program at the Animal Rescue League of Boston — and officials think that may not be their only similarity.

The pair of male terrier-mix canines, Chester, a 4-year-old found in Brookline last Friday, and Angel, a 10-year-old discovered in Beverly on Sept. 26, have their new caregivers wondering if they were neglected by the same person or have other connections between their cases.

To be clear, there is currently no definitive link, but their similarities are hard to overlook, Mike DeFina, a spokesman for the Animal Rescue League, told Boston.com Thursday.


“I just think that given their similar breeds, they were found in similar condition, the time frame, too — they were abandoned within days of each other — for law enforcement folks, there’s too much similarity to be ignored,” he said.

Chester, before getting a haircut. —Animal Rescue League of Boston

Both Brookline and Beverly police have ongoing investigations, according to DeFina, who said the animal rescue organization is assisting authorities in any way it can.

There are no signs the dogs were physically abused, but the organization considers the level of neglect as an act of animal cruelty, DeFina said.

So far a few tipsters have reached out to offer information, but those leads haven’t panned out and officials are still probing for details, he said.

Since they’ve entered treatment, Chester and Angel have received both their names and major haircuts to remove matted fur, as well as thorough veterinary exams, DeFina said. They’ll need some dental work, and their thin frames have caregivers working to get them to healthy weights.

“Our number one priority now is just to get them in the best shape they can possibly be in to find new homes,” DeFina said, adding that the dogs are starting to open up and show their true personalities.


He acknowledged it would be a rare occurrence if two abandonment cases like these are related, but said officials are trying to gather as much information on each one as possible.

Angel, as seen before treatment. —Animal Rescue League of Boston

“We are just asking the public if anybody knows where they came form, please come forward with any information,” DeFina said. “You know it’s horrible to think, (but) if these dogs are indeed connected, there may be more of them.”

The Animal Rescue League asks anyone with information about either dog to call 617 436-9170 or email cruelty@arlboston.org.