‘It’s quite miraculous that he survived at all’: Cat survives, recovers from 9-story fall

Simba the cat had a variety of injuries, including a shattered jaw and two fractured legs.

Simba with Victoria Jardus’s daughter, Isabella. —Victoria Jardus

When Simba the cat fell nine stories on Halloween night from a balcony to a concrete patio in Brookline, he easily could’ve succumbed to his injuries.

But the fluffy feline rallied back, surviving two fractured limbs, a shattered jaw, and multiple other injuries, a recovery veterinary staff at the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston are calling “miraculous.”

Simba’s fall occurred after owner Victoria Jardus said her mother accidentally left him on the balcony and he fell off the ledge at some point.

Simba wasn’t found until the next afternoon — he was lying by the side of the building, surviving despite his injuries and temperatures that dipped into the 20s.


Jardus immediately brought Simba to the vet.

Dr. Virginia Sinnott with Simba. —Courtesy of MSPCA

“Simba was in shock when he first arrived and it’s quite miraculous that he survived at all,” Dr. Virginia Sinnott of Angell’s Emergency and Critical Care Unit said in a statement.  “His temperature had dropped to 86—as opposed to 100, which is the normal body temperature for a cat, and he suffered multiple injuries that could easily have killed him.”

Along with the injuries to his extremities and jaw, Simba suffered “nearly ruptured” lungs plus multiple cuts and had blood in his abdomen, the MSPCA said.

Simba spent eight days in the hospital and is continuing his recovery. He visits the hospital for check-ups and bandage changes. Other than that, he’s resumed normal activities, like walking and eating, MSPCA officials said.

Simba being treated at the MSPCA Angell Animal Medical Center —Courtesy of MSPCA

“He is through the worst of it and for that we’re so grateful,” Jardus said.  “We came so close to losing him and I’m overjoyed to see him improve a little each day.”

Dr. Emily Ulfelder, part of Angell’s surgery team, said that pets die from falls half the height of what Simba endured.

“He is so lucky to have landed the way that he did, as the fall alone could easily have killed him,” she said. “As for surviving a frigid night alone, outside and in such pain, it’s fair to say he used at least one or two of his nine lives!”

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