These 3 rabbits — abandoned in a Whole Foods parking lot — are looking for new homes

“They were frozen when we found them."

Three rabbits found frostbitten and malnourished in a Whole Foods parking lot in Hyannis are now up for adoption at the MSPCA’s Cape Cod and Methuen shelters.

Jackfruit, Seitan, Tempeh were found huddled together under a parked car by a Barnstable animal control officer in January, according to a release from the MSPCA. Shelter officials suspect they were intentionally abandoned.

Mary Sarah Fairweather, director of the MSPCA Cape Cod Animal Care and Adoption Center, said the frostbitten rabbits were also suffering from dehydration.

“They were frozen when we found them, … and their skin was in terrible condition,” she said. “One of them needed eye surgery, and that actually took place in our Methuen adoption center.”


All three rabbits were underweight by 2 pounds, meaning they wouldn’t have lasted much longer in the freezing temperatures, shelter officials say.

Jackfruit, Seitan, Tempeh have gained weight and recovered from hair loss in the last few months, Fairweather said. The shelter has received several inquiries about the trio, but hopes to hear from more potential adopters — ones who understand that the rabbits may need time to feel comfortable in a new home.

“They’re still a little nervous,” Fairweather said. “They’re certainly sweet, but they are going to need an adopter that is going to have a lot of time and patience.”