A trooper responded to a call for a wounded dog. What he found was this adorable coyote pup.

"The baby coyote's adventure was far from over."

–Massachusetts State Police via Facebook

A Massachusetts State Police trooper responded to a call for a wounded dog in a Revere road on Sunday night and found something he didn’t expect — a lone coyote pup.

Trooper Carlos Mastromattei pulled over on the side of Revere Beach Parkway, near Suffolk Downs, and saw the “small, frightened, solitary coyote pup,” according to a release. His mother was nowhere in sight.

Mastromattei contacted environmental, wildlife, and local animal control officers, but no one was available, police said. Lisa Cutting, owner of Oceanview Kennels in Revere, then answered Mastromattei’s call and was able to help secure the pup in a crate.


“But the baby coyote’s adventure was far from over,” police said. “Trooper Mastromattei took the pup to his girlfriend AnnBeth (the couple are devoted animal lovers), and the pup stayed in the crate in her house overnight.”

Oceanview Kennels transported the pup to Tufts Wildlife in North Grafton the next day, where he was determined to be healthy, according to the release. Next, he will be transferred to the care of a wildlife specialist in the Berkshires, where he will be rehabilitated and acclimated to life in the wild before he is released.

Troopers posted a series of photos of the coyote pup on Facebook: