A hawk broke through the window of a Newton home. It didn’t leave on its own.

"It was like an invasion or a robbery, but of a wild kind."

Janis Mann was home in Newton Friday evening when she heard the noise come from an upstairs bedroom.

“I heard a shower of glass falling nonstop, and I thought, ‘Uh oh, I don’t know what that is,'” she told NECN Monday. “It can’t be a vase falling once. It’s a shower. It kept going.”

Mann was right. The cascading sound was window glass shattering — and the raucous entrance of an uninvited guest: a hawk.

The wild bird was right in the middle of her bed, Mann recalled to the news station.

“I freaked,” she said.

Mann left the house and called 911.


The hawk, which broke through the window pane around 5:30 p.m., later flew into a home office where it left some droppings while thrashing around the room, according to NECN.

“He was trying to get out,” Mann said.

Animal control officers were eventually able to capture the bird in a blanket and brought it outside where it flew away, uninjured, NECN reports.

Mann said her house was not seriously damaged.

“It was like an invasion or a robbery, but of a wild kind,” she said.