A Maine man posted a singles ad for his lonely duck. It worked.

So far, Yellow Duck and Mr. Graham seem happy.

A man in Blue Hill, Maine, posted a singles ad for his lonely duck. It worked.

Chris Morris posted the ad at the Blue Hill Co-op last week, the Bangor Daily News reported. “Duck seeking duck,” he wrote. “Lonesome runner duck seeks companion. Partner recently deceased. Serious replies only.”

The ad was adorned with a drawing of Yellow Duck, his widowed waterfowl who lost two companions when a bobcat terrorized Morris’s yard.

Ducks mate for life, and Morris told the Daily News that after her friends were killed, Yellow Duck quacked through the night and wasn’t spending as much time with the chickens — a sure sign of a broken heart.


A Dedham resident who co-owns a farm gave Morris a duck Sunday after a friend pointed his ad out to her.

The new duck is named Mr. Graham after the rapper Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Graham. (A “drake” is a fully mature male duck.)

The ducks cuddle at night and seem bonded, Morris told the Daily News, but he won’t know if they’re mated until spring.

“Our fingers are crossed,” he told the paper.