State troopers saved this wayward goose. Now you can adopt him.

Anyone in the market for a new friend?

A few weeks ago, state police troopers were sent out to corral a wayward goose that was roaming an East Boston beach. Now, the bird is up for adoption.

A concerned citizen called police after seeing the goose — “which seemed to be domesticated” — wandering around Constitution Beach all day, according to police.

Three troopers and an officer from the Animal Rescue League set out to help the bird.

“It took them over an hour as night fell and temperatures dropped, but they didn’t give up and finally took the goose into custody,” a Facebook post from Massachusetts State Police reads.


Officials never found out where the bird came from, so they gave him a name, Cadbury, and took him to a shelter in Brewster.

Cadbury now lives with his two new friends, potbellied pigs named Turner and Hooch, and all three are up for adoption.

If you’re interested in adopting any or all of the farmyard trio, contact the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Brewster branch at 617-426-9170.